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Author of FlightBA0234.

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The front cover of the short story FlightBA0234 by author CLLChambers.

Flight BA0234

“Oh, but I will get away with it because we’re thirty thousand feet up, squeezed into a space infested with people killing each other. One more body won’t give me away,”


Paranoid, Jason is escaping the country tonight. The first available flight is BA0234. As Jason struggles to keep his sanity in check, the flight spirals out of control when the plane flies through an ominous black fog during take-off.


A mysterious black substance is found on board before passengers become gravely ill. Jason's sanity is pushed to the edge when the only way to stop the torment is to kill...

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“I just finished this short story that I stumbled across last night and I loved it! it may only be 40 pages but it has truly left me itching to pick the next book up 😝 . So, it follows Jason, the typical run-of-the-mill guy with anxiety when boarding a flight, then a creepy cloud starts rolling onto the runway before take off, then passengers start developing a weird virus with deadly results 😏 . At only 40 pages long this story felt super punchy with great characters and rapid development! It had guts, gore and more and I loved it all 😂 . AND........ it's free! who can say better than that right, we all love free shit 😉😂 check this out if you like pandemic virus-type thrillers with plenty of bloody scenes 👍”

FlightBA0234 Reviewer

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